Mobility experts Biomega develop Denmark’s first electric car, SIN

Skibsted Ideation, the agency behind Biomega, the Danish bicycle brand is known for its high-design and electric bicycles launched its first 4-wheel EV at CIIE in Shanghai on November 5th, 2018. The concept car has been developed to take Biomega’s principles of social innovation, design thinking and urban mobility and apply them to the automotive industry. Biomega bikes are each named after a city. The car, in line with its bicycle predecessors, will be named SIN, short for Singapore. Biomega founder Jens Martin Skibsted, chairman of both the Danish Design Council and the World Economic Forum’s Mobility Forum, says, “We’ve been focused on urban mobility since the 90s. Biomega has always been about creating a paradigm shift in the way society imagines transportation. We feel that we are in an extremely strong position to design an EV that represents the frontier of the new mobility; SIN is the natural progression of our ongoing battle against the combustion car.” The new urban mobility The fundamental issue for the future of mobility is to get passengers and cargo from A to B in the most efficient way possible, minimising time, cost and power. The 4-door SIN CUV is designed with 4 independent seats and extra legroom. Stripped-back to maximise space, this spacious EV uses minimal components and lightweight materials; its low weight improves its range, minimising battery consumption. SIN is, therefore, an affordable and sustainable solution to modern urban mobility.

Job opportunity – Industrial Designer focused on Vehicle Design

Skibsted Ideation is looking for an Industrial Designer focused on Transportation to work on the development of Exterior and Interior designs of innovative electric vehicles. Learn more: Industrial Designer focused on Vehicle Design

Jens Martin Skibsted receives Knud V. Engelhardts Mindelegat

Jens Martin Skibsted receives the 2017 prize for his bicycle company Biomega, which he started in 1998 to make the two-wheeled vehicle more attractive than the car. Read more

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Biomega launches world’s first dedicated Bicycle Tie and Bow Tie

The world’s first combined reflective and night glow tie and bow tie for enhanced safety in traffic - and in nightlife. The tie was designed by Jens Martin Skibsted. The founder and a main designer in Biomega alongside Marc Newson, Ross Lovegrove and Bjarke Ingels. The look is a classic striped American type school tie – and a bow tie in the same look. The grey stripes are reflective. The stripes are night glow. The reflective stripes will reflect a frontal car beam and the night glow stripes will light up, having been lit, when no light is projected on this water repellent tie. It should work equally well on the bike lane as on the dance floor. “This is Biomega’s first venture into something as seemingly non-core than a tie. The design takes its cue from my old boarding schools tie, but the stripes are grey instead of blue and the direction of the stripes is conform to American tradition instead of European. We thought it was fun to integrate traffic related functions in a (bow) tie like we do on the bikes,” says designer and Biomega founder Jens Martin Skibsted. He adds, “This is tongue-in-cheek expression of Biomega’s ethos, where commuter technology meets design. I hope savvy commuters will have some fun with it.”

Biomega AMS e-Low is out!

This time, it’s electric—the third generation AMS Biomega bicycle has hit Vegas. Biomega has extended its product portfolio to include its first low-step electric bicycle, which mixes moped power and configuration with a city bike for urban and peri-urban commutes. While the AMS E-Low by Jens Martin Skibsted was designed to cruise the city streets in style, it also accommodates long suburban distances. Read more

“It’s not about form or function, it’s about idea” – Interview with Jens Martin Skibsted

Intern: Journalism and copy-writing

Journalist and copy writer full-time trainee Skibsted Ideation is a design company, working with industrial design, design philosophy and urban mobility. We are a design brief factory that envisage specific sustainable solutions and products for leading organizations who help secure the human habitat via commerce. The internship aims to provide a unique insight into design journalism and processes, research, project planning, PR and press as well as business operations. About two days a week, you are going to work with administration and communication. The rest of the time will be dedicated to the research and writing of draft materials for publishing. You will be central in the work to collect, systematize and channel the knowledge generated through Skibsted Ideation’s founder, Jens Martin Skibsted. Work tasks: • Research and write draft blogs and articles in English and Danish • Assist in internal and external communication, hereunder prepare and upload texts for websites. • Maintenance of press contacts and archive • Monitoring and coordination of SoMe feeds • All-round office work, research and documentation                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Skibsted Ideation is founded by Jens Martin Skibsted, who is also creative director of Biomega and Ogojiii Magazine. He is chairman of the Design Council and was previously active as a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum. He has been Vice President of Design & Innovation and now he is in the Global Future Council on the Future of Cities. He is also chairman of the Design Council and board member of the Danish Design Center, Design2Innovate and Bitten and Mads Clausen Foundation. He is author of the books Kavesom, Instant Icon and Back To Reality, and writes for, inter alia, Fast Company and Huffington Post. Skibsted Ideation is based in the office hotel Soho in the meatpacking district, where many of Vesterbro’s creative businesses are gathered. The environment is outgoing and network oriented, and you will share office with four other colleagues from Skibsted Ideation. The internship is paid (SU-Tariff for living with their parents) and 37 t / week, September 2017 - February 2018. Send your personal presentation and CV to Lena Velez Larsen,, tel. 31144918. Applications are reviewed on an ongoing basis, so don’t hesitate to send your application!