Are you our next Head Designer?

Head Designer at Skibsted Ideation You will be the right hand to the creative director and be designing mainly for one client: Biomega bicycles. Your main expertise should be industrial design, but you will have all sorts of creative assignments: graphic, packaging and interior design too. You need to be extremely independent. The type of designers that would fit well might have had their own studio and just grown tired of chasing customers. The job requires you to be extremely self-sufficient, since it’s a small office, and people travel. You will have to build your own team of temps. The work environment is quite international, as we are interacting with an international market, engineers and manufacturers. Because of the independence and versatility required prior experience within project management or account management might be necessary. Outside of some aesthetic affinity with Germanic / Scandinavian design sensitivities you will need a DK / EU work permit. You need to master Solidworks / Rhino and Adobe Creative Suite as a minimum. We aim at having the job filled by January 15th. We only accept digital applications in PDF to: Please do not call or visit the office regarding the position. Because of staff shortage we cannot guarantee when we will be able to answer mails. Please bear with us.

Before even leaving the stores, OKO wins the first design award.

Jens Martin Skibsted i Børsen: Fremtiden skal designes – ikke forudsiges skal designes – ikke forudsiges

Ogojiii 3 is out!

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The new Biomega OKO is out

Created for ease of movement, urban transportation, and individual appeal, Biomega and KiBiSi have collaborated to produce the next evolution in commuter bikes. Smart European design and commuter technology collide with furniture design and metropolitan style – and culminate in an alternative bike paradigm. The OKO appearance takes inspiration from traditional fuel powered two wheeled motorized vehicles, whereas the OKO is fitted with a super effective (and importantly lightweight) electrical power bank instead. Bringing a state of the art and efficient E-bike to the market has been a truly international undertaking, and has tapped into talent from Denmark, France, South Korea and China, meaning that the OKO is developed for the global urban commuter, wherever those streets may be.         

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