Jens Martin Skibsted and Vincent Hendricks in podcast on Design Philosophy

Monocle shows video about Biomega bikes

See the Monocle Video about urban mobility and designer bikes in cities.

How are new champions fuelling the creative economy?

See Jens Martin Skibsted participating in the panel about creative industries at the World Economic Forum in Tianjin 2012.

Biomega NYC

NYC takes its cue from the CPH, reinvigorating Biomega's status as a pioneer of chainless bikes - this time with a smooth, quiet carbon fiber belt drive. The NYC's sleek and no-nonsense look integrates a front mudguard in the aluminum down tube complimenting its aggressive, yet reliable urban driving properties.

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Jens Martin Skibsted blogs for Huffington Post

Read his unorthodox thoughts on sustainability.    

Jens Martin at TEDxBerlin

Jens Martin’s TED talk describes how Biomega, a bicycle company, competes in emotional brand attractiveness with combustion cars and how that design approach can be recycled to rethink city transport.

Book: Back to Reality

Authored by Jens Martin Skibsted and Rasmus Bech Hansen in 2014. The book argues that brands are not merely stand-ins for often unavailable information to help customers choose among products. Instead brands create value via meaning and emotional satisfaction. Customers turn to brands to seek comfort and refuge from information overload.