AUG 2014 / KiBiSi @ Eurobike 2014

Visit the Biomega booth for the new Biomega PEK Beijing cargo bike premiering at Eurobike 2014 and visit Reelight for our updated rechargeable version of Reelight GO – EGO

JUN 2014 / The KiBiSi designed NYC for Biomega hits the streets

The much awaited NYC / New York Biomega bicycle hits the streets. Design museum Danmark acquires the new design as the bike is launched. The bike featuring a belt drive for smooth urban commuting, a night glow fork - and an integrated mudguard. The integrated solutions and meticulous design makes the NYC / New York bicycle a thoroughly designed urban tool. It is the first in a row of Biomega bikes.

The new NYC / New York is honest in style and function, meeting the specific needs of city dwellers. All parts have been redesigned and engineered, The NYC / New York takes its cue from the CPH / Copenhagen, reinvigorating Biomega’s status as a pioneer of chainless bikes - this time with a smooth, quiet carbon fiber belt drive. The NYC / New York’s sleek and no-nonsense look integrates a front mudguard in the aluminum down tube complimenting its aggressive, yet reliable urban driving properties.

NYC / New York will be launched June 27, 2014 at 16h / 4pm at Design Museum Denmark, Bredgade 68, Copenhagen and presented at the Eurobike and Interbike shows in September 2014.

APR 2014 / The KiBiSi designed Pebble watch for Bulbul is now available in a golden version

The newborn golden Pebble is a natural extension of the Pebble series. Its a traditional material surface in a mat finish, traditional brown leather and all white dial and hands - a hybrid of contemporary clean expression and heritage.

NOV 2013 / Launch of the TMA-1 X in Studio A Thursday 28th of November

Aiaiai is launching the latest addition to the TMA-1 headphone family. The new KiBiSi designed TMA-1 X headphone have been given a new sound design that suits all genres of music, it provides a lightweight alternative to the existing TMA-1 range and it comes at an entry-level price. Come and celebrate the birth of the new, matte-black baby in Studio A and at Fortunen where a diverse range of DJs, producers and musicians will kick out the jams for your listening pleasure.

NOV 2013 / KiBiSi Partners are looking for dedicated and talented interns

Kilo and Skibsted Ideation are looking for Product design interns.
The internship period is primo February 2014 + 6 month. We only accept digital applications send separately to and Deadline for application is 9th of december. Please do not call or visit the office regarding Intern positions.

NOV 2013 / The sequel to Instan Icon - Tilbage Til Virkeligheden (Back to Reality) – is out.

JM Skibsted and Rasmus Bech Hansen break marketing taboos:
Advertising is becoming impotent. The digital revolution leads us in a direction where everyone has the potential to know everything about a company or product. It is from this that the basic premise and focal point of this book is derived: Increased brand value equals increased user value, which then again equals extraordinary product value.
Companies that are spending money on stuff that does not directly increase value for the target group will become less competitive than companies that invest in the right product.

NOV 2013 / TMA-1 X Available November 28th

Inspired by the award-winning design of the AIAIAI TMA-1, the KiBiSi designed TMA-1 X is lighter and smaller than the other headphones in the TMA-1 range. Intended for both professional and everyday use, these headphones have an all-rounded, articulate and balanced sound. They are extremely comfortable, featuring a minimalistic headband and a unique capsule design, making them an attractive and lower-cost alternative to the TMA-1 DJ or TMA-1 Studio.

OCT 2013 / KiBiSi designs morse code bench system for new Danish National Maritime Museum by BIG

The granite bench elements are inspired by ship bollards and designed as a constructive barrier that prevents cars from driving over the edge. The system is a soft shaped bench for social hangout and based on Morse code - dots and dashes writing a hidden message for visitors to crack.

AUG 2013 / KiBiSi Policy

The Davos (WEF) think tanks (GAC) and JM Skibsted organize a roundtable on Design for Smart Growth during the INDEX Awards in Copenhagen. The objective is to explore how design and innovation strategies can be implemented to boost competitiveness and stimulate sustainable economic growth. This will be an occasion to engage in an interactive discussion with high-level leaders and experts including Bjarke Ingels, Paola Antonelli of MoMA, Idan Auken Minister of the Environment and David Kester

AUG 2013 / KiBiSi partners open new doors to future projects

After 4 years of successful collaboration creating a number of ground breaking designs the founding partners of KiBiSi now refocus on their individual studios for new design challenges. Follow us here: KiBiSi = / Ki = / Bi = / Si =

AUG 2013 / Xtable work-out session - 29th of August

Holmris & KiBiSi invite you to BIG architects HQ for a test run of the Xtable
Experience how to work the Xtable accompanied by cold beer, tunes and traditional Danish sausages straight from the grill. 29th of August 4pm - 7pm / Kløverbladsgade 56 / 2500 Valby

Invitation by request, please contact Sussi Schou-Larsen - / M 29229212

AUG 2013 / KiBiSi designs Pebble watch for Bulbul

Pebble is the first KiBiSi designed watch for new Danish watch brand Bulbul.
Pebble is not symmetric, square or round as watches are. Pebble is organic like the human body and the pebbles found on Scandinavian beaches. Pebble combines organic shapes and fine Italian crafted leather with the industrial feel of the injection molded silicone loop defining an international hybrid of heritage and openness. Swiss movement and sapphire glass are high quality components designed to last with the design.

JUL 2013 / Sustainable Taiwan

Tapei World Design Festival hosts Danish speakers including JM Skibsted. This years theme is Sustainable Living

MAY 2013 / XTable at ICFF in NYC - America’s largest furniture fair

XTable will be exhibited at ICFF - visit booth #1306 for a test drive

MAY 2013 / Innovation lessons learned from food design

KiBiSi partner JM Skibsted writes about innovation lessons learned from food design

APR 2013 / KiBiSi Partner JM Skibsted's favorite books

JM Skibsted likes branding, philosophy and bike books according this recent love list.

APR 2013 / In Milan: KiBiSi’s family for Muuto expands

Muuto’s Hang Around and Toss Around get a little ponderous cousin: Turn Around - a wooden hand held juicer. Turn Around brings back juicing to its tactile origin by the nordic hyper analogue design. The wooden one-type-only material is easily recyclable and hopefully sufficiently aesthetically sustainable to be kept and passed on. Turn Around launches at Salone del Mobile 2013, Hall 16 stand B35.

Other KiBiSi products In Milan this week:
Scoop by Globe Zero 4 also lauches at Salone del Mobile, Hall 20 Stand F08
Weight Here by Menu, MoDà - Di Liddo & Perego, Salone del Mobile, Hall 5 Stand L08
Bulb Fiction by Lightyears, Euroluce, Salone del Mobile, Hall 13 stand D01
Slice by &Tradition, Gessi Milano Showroom, Via Manzoni 16/A, 20121 Milan

APR 2013 / Scoop by KiBiSi for Globe Zero 4 to launch in Milan next week

Scoop is a family of contract market furniture designed for the overlap between private spaces and public areas. The name relates to the loader inspired scoop construction.
The innovative gyroscope like suspension system conveys a feeling of being carried - a free suspended feel. The Y-shaped beam creates a visual and functional overlap between seat and base.
Scoop merges craft and technology: The innovative technical edge increases comfort, yet maintains a clear and simple Scandinavian appearance. The chair has a tailor upholstered cast foam seat and an injection molded aluminum frame.
The scoop family comprises of a conference chair, a lounge chair, a table and a bar stool in the making.
Scoop is variable with frames in polished aluminum and a black and white powder coat. The chairs are available in a range of different fabrics and upholstery qualities and in a special ice cream scoop color scheme selected for the launch collection.

MAR 2013 / KiBiSi design wins design prize

Ahead of 4.604 competitors the KiBiSi designed Reelight iFlash One wins the Red Dot Award for best-of-the-best Product Design. The innovative bike light from Reelight was awarded with the first prize in the competition: "red dot: best of the best". It is considered the international jury's Grand-Prix.
Reelight iFlash One uses magnets for easy fastening by effortlessly clicking it onto a magnetic base which is permanently fixed to the bike's handlebars and seat post. Once connected the light turns on automatically.
KiBiSi designed products have among others won Good Design Award and Wallpaper Design Award for bicycles and the Danish Design Prize for electronic devices. For the first time a KiBiSi designed product wins for combining electronics and cycling.

MAR 2013 / BIG to design LEGO museum in denmark

BIG, Ralph Appelbaum Associates (RAA) and COWI is the winning team to design the new experience center for LEGO to be located in Billund, the home of the LEGOLAND theme park. The LEGO House will welcome approximately 250,000 visitors annually, serving as a new focal point of Billund city life. Construction of The LEGO House is expected to start in 2014.

FEB 2013 / We Love Dezeen

In a series of posts we honor the media we so love… – right back. These media have helped us respectfully convey what we do. They tell the stories of our talented colleagues we admire and the stories of our own partnerships and designs. Thank you! Next up: Dezeen highlights.

FEB 2013 / Study Trip

JM Skibsted visits San Francisco & TED in Long Beach to exchange design knowledge. Meeting with design leaders from Apple, Ideo, Moreless, Incase, SFMOMA among others he hopes to bring back inspiration and strengthen the bond between the Californian design hub and Copenhagen design community.

FEB 2013 / JM Skibsteds latest post for Fast Company

JM blogs about How A Trash Can Proves The Competitive Advantage Of Design

JAN 2013 / KiBiSi exhibits at CIFF - Crystal Hall

KiBiSi has set up a creative space inside Crystal Hall to exhibit a selection of groundbreaking idea-driven designs including the adjustable xTable, the TMA-1 Headphone, the magnetic iFlash bike light and the Brick sofa. KiBiSi will also be unveiling and world premiering a new watch design.
The exhibition features a selection of KiBiSi designs under the theme OTOOT – On The Origin Of Things, describing the evolutionary design process used by the three partners, and discusses their hybrid view on design, architecture and ideation.
Visit us at Bella Center, Boulevard 5, 2300 Copenhagen S from 31st January - 3rd February 2013 at Crystal Hall

JAN 2013 / Weight Here by KiBiSi for Menu

Weight Here is a family of candleholders featuring distinct historic references to the iconic typology of chamber candlesticks and candelabras. The designs revisit the standard candlestick appearance and dimensions, and are natural extensions of these made to fit today’s candles. Weight Here comes in four versions: S and M for ordinary candles and L & XL for block candles. The cast iron parts acknowledge historic artisanal techniques and the Polystone references KiBiSi’s link to modern architecture. These materials provide the candlesticks with a grounded feel and a solid no-nonsense appearance.

JAN 2013 / JM Skibsted represents KiBiSi at Davos.

JM will be the rapporteur at a session with Paola Antonelli and Sir Tim Berners-Lee to raise awareness around the growing importance of design and share bold ideas on how it can foster change in addressing a range of global issues in the 21st century. In general his two primary tasks will be to seek backing for an international design policy and to build and upgrade an Urban Mobility INDEX with Siddhartha Lal and Arthur D. Little.

JAN 2013 / Luxury Design

KiBiSi’s inprint on Aesir Copenhagen’s luxury mobile phone as seen by Fast Company.

JAN 2013 / We Love Domus

In a series of posts we honor the media we so love… – right back. These media have helped us respectfully convey what we do. They tell the stories of our talented colleagues we admire and the stories of our own partnerships and designs. Thank you! First up: Domus highlights.

JAN 2013 / Fast Company's Favorite Products From 2012

KiBiSi had a great 2012 and wishes everybody a marvelous 2013.
We are proud and honored to have two KiBiSi designed products on Fast Company's Favorite Products From 2012: Aiaiai Capital and iFlash One.
Lets make 2013 another year to remember.

DEC 2012 / Happy Holidays...

Lars Larsen, Bjarke Ingels, JM Skibsted and the rest of KiBiSi wish you happy Holidays, Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, New Year and all. Have a marvelous 2013.

DEC 12 / World Design Capital 2016

With more than half the world’s population now living in urban areas, design has become an increasingly fundamental tool to make cities more competitive, attractive, livable and efficient. The World Design Capital designation is a city promotion project that celebrates the accomplishments of cities that have used design as a tool to reinvent themselves and improve social, cultural and economic life. JM Skibsted is part of the 2016 selection committee.

DEC 2012 / Abitare 528

Abitare Being BIG tells the larger than life story of KiBiSi partner BIG. This story seen through the eyes of founder, Bjarke Ingels: 38-year-old, with a 161-strong workforce, a studio in New York and Copenhagen, some 29 international competitions won in the last 7 years, and construction sites all around the world.

DEC 2012 / BIG ads to Miami skyline

In the host city of Design Miami BIG + Raymond Jungles + Nichols Brosch Wurst Wolfe & Associates + Esrawe + Desimone + HNGS, transform the Coconut Grove Waterfront with twisting towers.

DEC 2012 / KiBiSi @ BODW 2012

Alongside Ron Arad, Thomas Heatherwick, and Daniel Liebeskind Lars Larsen and JM Skibsted are speaking at Business of Design Week Friday the 7th of December 2012. The topic is KiBiSi’s evolutionary approach to design and KiBiSi’s projects. BODW is Asia’s leading design, innovation and branding event.

NOV 2012 / BIG's & Audi's Smart Street at last years Design Miami wins award

The iF design award celebrates BIG's + Kollision's vision of future urban mobility for AUDI at last year's Design Miami. The award distinguishes the exhibition design for introducing a future city paved with a digital surface that liberates the streets from existing boundaries and allows for a new flexibility of public use. For six decades the iF design awards have recognized outstanding achievements in design.

NOV 2012 / iFlash One – A Bright New Bike Light

iFlash One is a bike light created for intuitive use and easy storage, accommodating modern day lifestyle on the go. iFlash One uses magnets for easy fastening, effortlessly clicking onto a magnetic base which is permanently fixed to your bikes handlebars or seat post, once connected the light turns on automatically. When not in use the magnets pair the front and rear unit into one compact object ready for storage in your pocket or bag.

" iFlash One is designed with a holistic approach merging light and fitting into one object with an overall and simple DNA. I like that the magnet seems magic. Making safety fun and easy through simple everyday usability has been key in this project " says Head of Design at KiBiSi Lars Larsen.

OCT 2012 / Are you a product manager ?

JM Skibsted blogs about expanding the definition of a product.

OCT 2012 / KiBiSi designs XTable for Holmris

XTable is a manually height adjustable desk. A piece of office machinery that accommodates multiple working positions and daily reshuffling.
XTable uses manual kinetic power instead of electricity for height adjustments – saves energy and keeps users active. All technical features are constructively integrated in the table top. It uses a century old principle known from carjacks, ironing boards and other iconic tools. The principle coupled with a desk is a radical redesign of the traditional office desk. XTable is designed with an optional storage solution for office supplies and other belongings.

OCT 2012 / KiBiSi is looking for dedicated and talented interns to join our product team.

The internship period is 7th of January 2013 + 6 month. We only accept digital applications in PDF to: before 7th of November 2012. All applications will be answered before 14th of November 2012. Please do not call or visit the office regarding Intern positions.

OCT 2012 / BoDW 2012

Speakers at BoDW are announced.

OCT 2012 / A design drive mixed with a positive purpose

Design Indaba interviews JM Skibsted about his work as Vice-Chair of W.E.F. 's G.A.C. on Design and Innovation, and the latest KiBiSi designs

SEP 2012 / KiBiSi designs Bulb Fiction for LightYears

The iconic incandescent bulb – the very symbol of Edison’s bright idea – has been the source of inspiration for KiBiSi’s new pendant. KiBiSi characterizes Bulb Fiction as a tribute to both the incandescent bulb, and with references to the easily recognizable archetype of the movie universe.
Bulb Fiction is close to the original, but the classic shape has been scaled up and designed as a whole unit, uniting socket and bulb into one iconic shape. The same applies to the cord, which has been given extra volume using a thick white silicone cover. Bulb Fiction consists of a hand blown acid treated opal glass shade and an aluminium suspension with a soft, organic shape. The fixture creates the Illusion of a classic incandescent bulb, hides the low energy light source and ensures a comfortable, soft light.

SEP 2012 / JM talks at Summer Davos

How are new champions fuelling the creative economy? How to engage arts and culture via national policies? How to discover young talent? JM Skibsted answers these question and many more as a panelist in Driving Forces of the Creative Economy at ‘Summer Davos’. The session moderated by Hal B. Gregersen, Professor of Leadership, INSEAD, will be webcast live Thursday 13 September 15:45 - 16:45

SEP 2012 / The AIAIAI x Carhartt Colab is Out Now

Aiaiai has teamed up with the global purveyors of durable, timeless style for a striking re-edit of our TMA-1 and the Pipe earphones.

SEP 2012 / It’s a wrap…

In collaboration with Versus, KiBiSi launches the Roulade as friend and family to the Iconic Brick Sofa.
Roulade is a meeting between generations and genres, a meeting between mattress and Chesterfield, chair and couch. Roulade is a Swiss Roll turned sofa - a contemporary, iconic and humorous character with a cozy and comfortable expression.
Roulade is made from High Density foam cut into a fixed shape reminiscent of a rolled up mattress. It is upholstered with top class materials such as Kvadrat fabrics; And the comfort and durability is outstanding. It is a sort of new comer – a plump 1,5 pax sofa designed for laid back hangout. Bespoke, oversized buttons modernize the old school Chesterfield expression.

SEP 2012 / HBR banks on rumor

Rumor has it that Tyler Banks loves JM Skibsted’s expert comments for this month’s Harvard Business Review. Read the piece

AUG 2012 / BIG designs a winter bath in Copenhagen

BIG and the winter bath association Vinterbad Bryggen join efforts to extend the existing Copenhagen Harbor Bath, designed by BIG and JDS back in 2003, with a sauna and facilities for winter bathing to benefit the community during summer as well as the cold Danish winters.

AUG 2012 / KiBiSi designs limited Edition Non-Olympian Football for RSToo

In tribute to all those everyday soccer players out there – not taking part in the Olympic football tournament RSToo launches a KiBiSi designed Ltd Edition Football. The football is golden, and paraphrases the Olympic rings reshuffled into a classic football buildup.

The KiBiSi team collectively shouts: “ To us you are all gold winners! ”

The 99 Ltd edition balls can be bought online for $99 a pop at RSToo - With the sale of each ball RSToo will donate $10 USD to Grassroot Soccer, whose lofty goal is to assist in HIV prevention through education and inspiration.

AUG 2012 / Shut innovation

JM Skibsted writes his latest Fast Company post about innovation strategy and fellow Young Global Leader, Marissa Mayer, CEO of Yahoo!

JUL 2012 / Summer

Summer has arrived. Living should be easy. We are off with our families to enjoy. Enjoy it too.

JUL 2012 / Bi of KiBiSi launch new website

In a Ruby Media collab, our sister company BIG updates its website to be more mobile friendly. New features include a KiBiSi section detailing the unique collaboration that defines our reference idea-driven industrial design sensibility from furniture and household objects, to bicycles and aircraft. BIG still keep their essential DNA of the website intact.

JUL 2012 / AIAIAI x Roskilde Festival collab

The AIAIAI x Roskilde Festival collab combines our lightweight Tracks headphones with a waterproof Roskilde Stuff Sack that contains material from the original 1978 orange stage and makes a fitting container for all your festival essentials.

JUL 2012 / The new OKO bike designed by KiBiSi is featured in Zahid Sardar’s book 100 Best Bikes as one of 8 Biomega bikes

Joining creative forces once again, KiBiSi and Biomega extending the Biomega Bike portfolio to include a semi-carbon, semi-alu city bicycle, accommodating true urban lifestyle. The OKO is still in prototyping phase. It will be displayed in Zahid Sardar’s book 100 Best Bikes launching as one of 8 Biomega bikes.OKO is destined to be a unique lightweight and highly practical city bike with a fashionable twist that will make heads spin. See the preview in Zahid Sardar’s 100 best bikes book by Laurence King Publishing.

JUN 2012 / BIG exhibits at Louisiana Museum Of Modern Art

Louisiana’s upcoming exhibition NEW NORDIC – Architecture and Identity running from June 29th-October 21st explores the concept of ‘Nordic’ and the region's contemporary architecture, including BIG’s National Gallery of Art in Greenland.

JUL 2012 / A 3D Look at Capital

Go for a 3D spin around the new Aiaiai Capital

JUN 2012 / Our new Aiaiai Headphone Capital is out today

Check out KiBiSi partners Bjarke Ingels and Lars Larsen on designing the Capital Headphones - a durable, foldable headphone aimed at the on-the-go urbanite.

JUN 2012 / A TMA-1 Studio Visit with Matthew Dear

AIAIAI and Ghostly International very proudly present Matthew Dear going about his creative business and using the TMA-1 Studio. It’s Matt Dear and headphone porn all rolled into one musical package.

JUN 2012 / BIG Designs méca to culture in Bordeaux, France

Team BIG+FREAKS freearchitects, dUCKS scéno, Khephren Ingénierie, VPEAS, ALTO Ingénierie, Vincent Hedont, PBNL, Mryk & Moriceau, Ph.A wins the competition to design a new 12 000 m2 cultural center on the riverfront of Bordeaux, merging three cultural institutions into one single building. 

JUN 2012 / JM Skibsted becomes Vice-Chair of the World Economic Forum’s Global Agenda Council on Design & Innovation

A gathering of the world’s most relevant and knowledgeable thought leaders in this field, that delivers pertinent insights and collaboratively develops solutions to address major global challenges. Established four years ago, the Network of Global Agenda Councils – consisting of select, invitation-only groups on key global topics – serves as an international brain trust to the World Economic Forum and world at large. Council Members are fully integrated in Forum activities including projects, regional events and the Annual Meeting in Davos, Switzerland.

JUN 2012 / JM Skibsted’s latest post for Fast Co

While the design and creative industries have generally been happy to teach the world of politics how to generate new and better ideas, there hasn’t been much learning the other way. Never have we heard anyone talk about what the creative companies could learn from the world of politics.

MAY 2012 / The TMA-1 Studio Now Available for Pre-order

The new KiBiSi designed AIAIAI headphones specifically for the on-the-go producer/musician will be shipped on the 20th of June.

MAY 2012 / TMA-1 Studio and Capital Release Dates

Aiaiai reveal new release dates for both the TMA-1 Studio and the Capital: The TMA-1 Studio will now be released on the 11th of June, and the Capital will have its release on the 27th of June.

MAY 2012 / Turkish Design

17th of May JM Skibsted will be a keynote lecturer to the Turkish Automotive Industry, organized by Uludag Automotive Industry Exporters’ Association in coordination with the Turkish Exporters’ Assembly and with support of T.C. Ministry of Economics. The main aim of the event is to establish R&D and design culture in line with the Turkey’s export strategy of 2023 and create sufficient accumulation in R&D and Design. The lecture will be about Urban Mobility and Industrial Design.

MAY 2012 / ICFF Party

KiBiSi invites you to join the KiBiSi + Incase + Mass party 9 pm the 18th at
Mass, 34 Howard st. 3rd floor New York, NY

MAY 2012 / KiBiSi is shot by Lasse Beck Martinussen

The talented Lasse Beck Martinussen has shot a series of new KiBiSi partner images. Two images are available for download in our download section.

APR 2012 / On Board

KiBiSi founding partner JM Skibsted was elected to become a board member of the Danish Design Council. The council promotes industrial design via prizes, debate, selection of board members for the Danish Design Center and advises on design policy on a national level.

APR 2012 / Silverback

Check out the new Promo Film for our new fixture designed for Louis Poulsen.
Picture, Sound & Music by WAAITT™

APR 2012 / Slice & Milan & KiBiSi & Tradition & DDC

The cutting-edge Danish design magazine ‘The Milan issue, volume 1 – Danish design 2012’ is presented in an 16 x 3,5 meter grand installation of the flexible shelving system Slice, produced by the Danish design company '&tradition', designed by designgroup KiBiSi and distributed in Milan from the 17th to the 22nd of April 2012 by the Danish Design Centre.

APR 2012 / World Economic Forum Latin America

Jens Martin Skibsted talks about the need for an Urban Mobility Index at the Young Global Leader’s private event at World Economic Forum Latin America

APR 2012 / Louis Poulsen Introduces Silverback Designed By KiBiSi

Silverback is a new wall and ceiling fixture designed for Louis Poulsen by KiBiSi. Silverback will be presented at Messe Frankfurt Light + Building 2012. Meet two of the designers, Bjarke Ingels and Lars Larsen, to see the products live, hear the story behind the design concepts and partake in Q&A. Register at – indicating which of the 3 events you prefer to join: 10.00 – 10.45 Seminar 1 / 12.30 – 13.15 Seminar 2 / 13.45 – 14.30 Seminar 3 / Tuesday Aprill 17th / Fest Halle/Conference room “Maritim II” 1st floor Maritim Hotel Frankfurt/Main (Turm Entrance, Messe Frankfurt - just opposite Messeturm ) Theodor-Heuss-Allee 3 Frankfurt am Main

APR 2012 / Why Designers Need To Stop Feeling Sorry For Africa

Jens Martin Skibsted writes about do-good design for Africa for fast company

MAR 2012 / Aiaiai Interviews KiBiSi

Aiaiai fired a few questions at the designers at KiBiSi, which resulted in a conversation about idea-driven design, Stanley Kubrick and the joys of sensual R&B.

MAR 2012 / Leader of the pack

The new packaging for our dear Aiaiai product family is nominated for the 2012 creative circle award. Fingers crossed for when they announce the winners on the 11th of May.

MAR 2012 / The Business of Design

The book Business of Design is the nr. 1 Best Sellers in Architecture on Amazon. The book is authored by KiBiSi’s North American agent and friend, Keith Granet.

MAR 2012 / Invest in your ideas

Rebel Academy interviews Lars Larsen and JM Skibsted about entrepreneurship. Lars Larsen, Bjarke Ingels and JM Skibsted were all entrepreneurs in architecture and design, when they worked separately in Kilo Design, BIG and Biomega. Nevertheless they joined forces and together created KiBiSi, which made them an even stronger and more diverse unit.

FEB 2012 / JM Skibsted judges Design Challenge for Porsche and Co.Design

There are thousands of design details that go into creating a Porsche. Each builds upon the rest, creating the car's essence. Could you take one element of the iconic design to create a brand new thing that embodies what Porsche is, but in an entirely new outlet?

FEB 2012 / - Bjarke speaks at Downing Street

British Prime Minister David Cameron and other key policy makers attend the urban conference at Downing Street to learn the latest ways and ideas to improve overall city design and make Britain’s cities safer for cyclists. The speakers include KiBiSi partner Bjarke Ingels, Carlo Ratti, Terreform ONE's Mitchell Joachim and others.

FEB 2012 / Smørrebrød designing and deconstructing the vernacular

Together with Chef Bo Lindegaard KiBiSi designer tinkers with our food: Smørrebrød / Open faced sandwiches

FEB 2012 / How Do You Wean People Off Cars? By Rebranding Bikes And Buses

Jens Martin Skibsted argues that the way to get consumers to choose cheaper, more efficient transportation is to make it the cool option

FEB 2012 / BIG Love In NYC

KiBiSi partner BIG + Times Square Alliance + Flatcut + Local Projects + Zumtobel + Robert Silman Associates kick off a Month of Romance with a 10-foot tall interactive heart installation at Times Square, New York. The heart glows brighter and beats faster as more people interact with it - share your love from February 6th –29th.

JAN 2012 / SLICE by KiBiSi for &Tradition

What would a shelving system look like if playful customization was its main Objective ?
This question urged the Danish design studio KiBiSi to design SLICE – an architectural redefinition of the continuous bookshelf. The main feature of the system is a slice of plywood. In assembly the slices fit together for individual display, which allows for optimum flexibility of the system and makes it adaptable from small to x-large. SLICE is a result of crossbreeding elements and attributes from different disciplines in to a new design product made for every day use. in a simple way SLICE reflects natural resource scarcity: No expensive mould, a simple playful idea, rework and the back-to-basics attitude of plywood.

JAN 2012 / Space Migration and Designing Our Future Habitat

As part of Core77’s “Apocalypse 2012” series KiBiSi’s JM Skibsted writes about space migration and designing our future

JAN 2012 / Finn & Maison & Objet

Our new friend Finn is presented at Maison & Objet at the HAY booth. Finn is a wooden knock down stool with a bold and playfull character. Finn comes in flat box at a fair price and is easy assembled. We hope he will a become your good friend ;)

JAN 2012 / BIG and Bjarke Ingels on CNN

CNN’s new show The Next List, hosted by Dr. Sanjay Gupta introduces the individuals who are steadily mapping the course to the future with their new ideas profiling KiBiSi partner BIG and Bjarke Ingels in their next episode this Sunday at 2pm EST on CNN USA

JAN 2012 / KiBiSi is looking for dedicated and talented interns to join our product team.

The internship period is 1st of March 2012 + 6 month. We accept only digital applications in PDF to: before 29th of January 2012. All applications will be answered before 2nd of February 2012.

JAN 2012 / The Design Museum Nominates the TMA-1 as Design of The Year

Our DJ headphone has just been nominated at this year's prestigious Designs of The Year Awards held by The Design Museum in London. Needless to say, we're proud to be included in a list that counts a wide array of quality design.

JAN 2012 / The Aiaiai TMA-1 Studio Sneak Preview

Check out our new over-earheadphones aimed at music professionals. Where the TMA-1 enhances the live performance, the TMA-1 Studio enriches the studio/production experience.

JAN 2012 / Do Innovation Consultants Kill Innovation?

In his latest Fast Company blog post KiBiSi’s Jens Martin Skibsted argues that innovation is too messy to be captured in any process. So how can big firms innovate?

JAN 2012 / Capital - The New Headphones From AIAIAI designed by KiBiSi

It took a little while, but after a good deal of preparation, deliberation and strategizing aiaiai is finally ready to lift the curtain on our brand new headphones! If you live in the city and like music on the move, Capital is your new friend. He’s a flexible yet rugged sort of character - and he comes in striking, new colours.

JAN 2012 / KiBiSi’s TMA-1 collected by SFMoMA

Following the participation in the exhibition on Dieter Rams the Aiaiai TMA-1 headphones were admitted into SFMoMA's collection of Architecture and Design. This is their second design piece accepted from the design collective KiBiSi. Now both the Biomega Boston bicycle and the Aiaiai TMA-1 are collected by this leading Design Museum on the West Coast.

DEC 2011 / Happy Holidays...

Lars Larsen, Bjarke Ingels, JM Skibsted and the rest of KiBiSi wish you happy Holidays, Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, New Year and all. Have a marvelous 2012.

DEC 2011 / Xmas present ideas

KiBiSi Partner Bjarke Ingels unpacks his library and the books that inspire him are as unorthodox as his career, spanning the gap between science fiction, comics and Nietzsche.

NOV 2011 / KiBiSi is looking for dedicated and talented interns to join our product team.

The internship period is 2nd of January 2012 + 6 month. We accept only digital applications in PDF to: before 25th of November 2011. All applications will be answered before 1st of December 2011. Please do not call or visit the office regarding Intern positions.

NOV 2011 / Product, Product, Product, Product

Jens Martin Skibsted is a regular expert blogger for Fast Company. Check the latest blop post he wrote with Rasmus Bech: Why Do B-Schools Still Teach the Famed 4P's Of Marketing, When Three Are Dead?

Oct 2011 / BIG Basel

BIG wins competition to convert a Basel warehouse with their design for an extension that will zigzag across the roof like a bolt of lightening

Oct 2011 / Muuto Exhibition at Design Museum Denmark

KiBiSi Hang Around at Muutos special 5 Years Birthday Exhibition at Design Museum Denmark, opening reception 10th of November 2011, 4.30 - 6.30 PM. Design Museum Denmark Bredgade 68, Copenhagen.

OCT 2011 / The Dreyer Foundation Prize of honor

Each year in October, The Dreyer Foundation grants a prize of honor to an architect and a lawyer who has distinguished himself or herself through an especially valuable contribution within his or her field. This year the Prize goes to KiBiSi partner Bjarke Ingels.

OCT 2011 / BIG New York is officially opened

Together with friends, colleagues and a royal visit by TRH the Crown Prince and Princess of Denmark, KiBiSi partner BIG celebrates the official opening of BIG New York in collaboration with the General Consulate of New York, Dom Pérignon’s Chef de Cave Richard Geoffroy, Carlsberg, Adam Aamans Danish snacks and musical wonder duo the Raveonettes. The office is established in order to oversee the development and upcoming construction of West 57th on Manhattan and better service the growing work in North-, South-, and Latin-America.

OCT 2011 / Bjarke Ingels, WSJ Architecture Innovator of the Year

The Wall Street Journal will later this week declare Bjarke Ingels among its inaugural Innovators of the Year. Bjarke wins in the architecture category for “his wildly expressive structures, including the radical re-imagining of the New York high-rise apartment building, his commitment to sustainability and his philosophy of ‘pragmatic utopianism.’” Richard Wurman, architect, author, and founder of the TED conferences will present the trailblazing award to Ingels this Thursday at the Museum of Modern Art. No word yet on whether royalty will be in attendance.Ai Weiwei took the innovator award for art, Katie Grand for fashion, Elon Musk for technology, Steve Ells for food, Joris Laarman for design, and Bill Gates’ and Warren Buffett’s The Giving Pledge for philanthropy. Profiles of each of these Innovators of the Year will be featured in the October 29 issue of WSJ Magazine.

OCT 2011 / TMA-1 Fool's Gold limited edition

Our Aiaiai TMA-1 headphones were designed in collaboration with several professional and renowned DJ’s. Tested in studios and on stages all over the world, this is a specialized piece of equipment for the hardworking musician. The limited edition Fool's Gold line brings a new colourway and special technical features to the TMA-1.